The San Seair Project in St. Pete Beach was started in November 2018.

The project consists of concrete repairs at the balconies, railing replacement, deck coatings, painting and waterproofing of the building.

The existing cladding of the building is metal framed walls with an EIFS system. The building was previously painted with the Dow All Guard system and the expansion joints were previously waterproofed using the Dow DowSil 123 Silicone Seal-All system.

We are again painting the building with the Dow All Guard system, updating the colors from a pink and light tan to a more modern light green and off-white color configuration. The 123 system is being repaired on an as needed basis. The major scope of the work however is the concrete repairs needing to be performed at the balconies. The building was built in 1974 and had never had a major restoration project to it since its opening. Previous work regarding concrete repairs were completed sub-standardly and on a spot repair basis. Because our project included stripping all the finishes off of the decks, we were able to identify all the repairs currently needed.

Most balconies required full edge replacements, back 36 inches due to the sever damage to the rebar from corrosion. We were able to identify that most of the water and chloride intrusion was due to the railing post pockets having not been properly serviced, the waterproofing membrane having not been maintained and hurricane shutter attachments not being properly waterproofed. Concrete repairs in the field of the decks were limited in locations but large when they had to be performed. Sacrifical zinc anodes and penetrating corrosion inhibitors are being utilized to ensure secondary spalling does not occur.

The decks are all being waterproofed with the BASF MasterSeal Traffic 1500 system, seeded to rejection in a standard finish color, to protect the decks from further chloride exposure. The biggest change, other than the color of the building, is the installation of a new railing system. The association chose a mechanical railing system in a Key West style with triple horizontals and standard pickets with the Kynar XL paint finish. This particular railing gives the building more of a resort look and breaks up the lines of the building. This project is scheduled for completion in February or March 2020 with a project total upwards of 2.5 million dollars.


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